Features: Harmless The disinfection lamp adopts UV light to do disinfection job, more efficient than sunlight, tasteless, no side effects, no consumables, no chemicals needed, reliable to use. Timing function Press the switch for 3 seconds to start the timing function. Then the lamp will automatically turn off after 30 minutes. Disinfection function The disinfection lamp with light UV light source and ozone function can effectively help you to kill bacterial, remove mites, remove odor, and so on, bringing you professional UV light disinfection service. Compact The disinfection lamp is only 15*6cm/ 5.9*2.36inch (H*D), which is compact and lightweight, convenient to carry out, not occupying much installation space, small size with big power. Scope of application The disinfection lamp is widely suitable for kindergarten, dining hall, hospital, home, living room, office, pet, toilet, flu season, and so on. Specification: Type: disinfection lamp Quantity: 1pc Material: iron + silicone + electric component Color: black Light source: UV Power: 2.5w Voltage: 5v Battery: built-in Timing function: supporting Size: 15*6cm/ 5.9*2.36inch (H*D) Weight: 250g/ 8.82 Package: 1* disinfection lamp 1* manual 1* USB cable

UVC Ultraviolet Lamp Germicidal Disinfection Light Bulb

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